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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hawaii Blake Goodman and his legal staff have helped many Hawaiians over the years get rid of debt and get their financial lives back on track. Our office is one of the largest bankruptcy filers in the state, and we offer reasonable fees and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. In addition to representing civilian residents, we offer bankruptcy for military personnel and legal advice regarding bankruptcy and security clearances.

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Hawaii

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy permits the debtor to liquidate assets in an orderly way. In Chapter 7 (also known as “straight” bankruptcy), a trustee is appointed. The trustee collects all nonexempt assets of the debtor, sells those assets, and distributes the proceeds to creditors. In Chapter 7, you can temporarily stop foreclosure and stop car repossession, allowing you some breathing room to make important decisions about your property.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Hawaii

Individual debtors who have a regular income (including those engaged in business) and who qualify via a financial means test can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to restructure or reorganize debt. Many people who file Chapter 13 are able to save a house and a car, and can work in burdensome student loan payments into the plan.

Debt Settlement Program

At our office, you have options. In addition to bankruptcy, we can explore alternative paths to  financial freedom. Our Debt Reduction or Debt Settlement Program (as we call it) reduces your unsecured debt burden through direct negotiation with your creditors. In this program, your creditors are offered a settlement deal in order to satisfy the balance of your credit cards, signature loans, hospital bills and other financial obligations.

Tax Resolutions

Although bankruptcy is often times your most workable option to eliminate back tax problems, it is not always the best choice. Therefore, we also offer other solutions such as tax resolutions to deal with the IRS and State that could help you avoid having to file for bankruptcy.

Contact our Hawaii bankruptcy lawyers to begin taking your life back from creditors. There’s no need to suffer the unknown – tell us what’s troubling you financially, and we can work to fix it.

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