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Having Back Tax Problems Gets Old!

Once you owe the IRS or the State of Hawaii, they become very aggressive in their attempts to collect. Some of the most common methods of collection include bank levies, garnishing wages and even seizing your personal assets like homes and cars for sale at auctions. The tax collectors do not care – they just want to get paid, and they don’t care who pays your taxes. Although bankruptcy is often times your most workable option to eliminate back tax problems, it is not always the best choice. Therefore, our Hawaii bankruptcy lawyer offers other solutions to deal with the IRS and State that could help you avoid bankruptcy.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

The IRS allows you to negotiate with them to repay old tax debts. It is their way of cleaning up an existing mess and encouraging you to get back into the system. The Offer In Compromise program is based on supplying the IRS or the State with financial information that will show them you’re entitled to a break on repayment of the whole liability. Depending on how bad your net worth and current income looks, you could be entitled to a “pennies on the dollar” settlement.

Penalty Abatement

Tax problems will continue to get worse and more expensive with new penalties and interest added each day. If your reason is justified for failing to file your return, pay your taxes on time, or forget to do any myriad of tax compliance steps, we may be able to negotiate an abatement of your tax penalties and the interest associated with them. There are many grounds the IRS and the State typically consider “reasonable cause” for avoiding the assessment of a penalty. Fill out our questionnaire and we can see if your case qualifies.

Innocent/Injured Spouse Relief

If you were unaware of a spouse’s failure to be forthright on your joint tax return, then the taxing entities allow a simple approach to relieve you from the responsibility of shouldering your half of the tax burden. This process requires certain forms that are available from the IRS and the State of Hawaii.

Installment Agreements

If your situation just falls outside the parameters of the Offer In Compromise, Penalty Abatement, or Innocent/Injured Spouse programs, then the IRS and the State will still accept a repayment of your tax liabilities on an installment basis, if we can convince them that that’s the most effective and efficient way of collecting the tax. Higher tax liabilities can often require significant negotiating to prevent a levy or seizure from taking place – installment agreements relating to taxes under a certain dollar amount are usually easier.

Releasing Tax Liens and Levies

As a preliminary step in using an Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement, or other program, we often need to act quickly in order to delay, avoid, or release their powerful lien and levy capabilities. This can often be accomplished if we can explain that our offer to them is the most effective and unobtrusive form of satisfying the tax liability.

Trust Fund Penalty Relief

If you have been assessed as “the responsible party” for failure to pay employment taxes and you’re questioning the accuracy of the IRS or State’s assessment, then let our Hawaii law firm intercede on your behalf. If you have been given this heavy-handed tax and you fail to respond in time, then you will be saddled with the most onerous of all tax liabilities. It can never be discharged in bankruptcy and is attended by significant interest and penalties. You must decide to end your tax problems with the IRS and state of Hawaii. No one else can decide for you. Our firm can assist in ending the misery, but you must take the first step by contacting our Hawaii bankruptcy attorney or telling us about your situation online. I can help you explore all the choices and options.

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